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Enhancing UK Healthcare

At Lilly, we strongly believe in working closely with a variety of partners across the UK healthcare system to ensure patients get access to the most effective new medicines as fast as possible.  

Whether it involves pioneering research into new therapies, working with patient advocacy groups, or supporting clinical service delivery through patient-centered Joint Working projects, we are immensely proud of our work supporting the NHS.

We believe that collaboration and partnership between the NHS, government, industry, academia and patient advocacy groups is essential to discovering and developing long-term solutions that support a twenty first century health service

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Research Partnerships

Research collaborations are vital to our process of discovery. We are proud to be part of more than 106 research collaborations across the UK, working collaboratively with academic institutions to discover and develop innovative life-saving treatments.

We are one of the founding members of the Dementia Discovery Fund (DDF) which is focused entirely on discovering and developing novel therapies for dementia, including Alzheimer’s research. For us, participating in the DDF builds on our company’s own 30-plus year commitment to research in Alzheimer’s disease.

We are also supporting the Advanced Pain Discovery Platform (APDP), a consortium being led by the UKRI (Medical Research Council, Economic and Social Research Council and Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council) and Versus Arthritis. Lilly is committed to working in partnership with the APDP to improve understanding of the complexity of pain, with the aim of helping people across the UK living with chronic and debilitating conditions.

Lilly supports the Innovative Medicines Initiative (IMI), the largest private-public biomedical partnership in the world. We are currently participating in 33 projects, including leading or co-ordinating eight projects covering neurodegeneration, pain, oncology, diabetes, immunology, translational safety and digital health.

Learn more about Lilly’s Scientific Partnering and areas of interest.

Collaborative Working Projects

Collaborative Working Projects are a specific type of partnership between the NHS and the pharmaceutical industry, which aim to improve the efficiency and delivery of patient care at a local level.

We are proud to be involved in a number of Collaborative Working Projects across the UK, focused on helping people who are living with diabetes, cancer, immunological conditions, pain and neurodegeneration. Our projects have delivered bespoke innovative solutions which are making a real difference to patients' lives, including the advancement of the delivery of virtual dermatological consultations and working to significantly reduce the time cancer patients spend in outpatient chemotherapy clinics.

Our Partnerships - JWP Map

HSJ Partnership Awards 2020: Highly Commended Best Pharmaceutical Partnership with the NHS

Invest to Save: Prudent prescribing of human versus analogue insulin.

Eli Lilly & Company and Cardiff & Vale University Health Board

Over a thirty-four month period Cardiff & Vale UHB and Lilly worked in partnership on a community invest to save, insulin optimisation, project which has demonstrated sustained improvements in HbA1c with an average reduction of 14.9 mmol/mol in the patients optimised. Patients are educated and self-empowered, which has improved satisfaction and delivers care closer to home. The project has also yielded a medicines saving of £531,831 (June’19) compared to baseline. The overall success of this project has exceeded expectations, is cost saving to the UHB and provided sustainable funding for community nurse specialists.

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Our Completed Collaborative Working Projects

Our Current Collaborative Working Projects

If you would like to learn more about our Joint Working Projects, please get in touch with our UK Public Affairs team.

Reports and Publications

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Our recent report on improving outcomes for people living with long-term conditions includes recommendations for system changes to improve diagnosis and management.

People-Centred Care: Download the Report

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Following a roundtable held with AHSNs, we published a report on fostering greater joint working between the NHS and industry.

Read the report


In 2019, Lilly published a report setting out our commitment to partnership working and outlining recommendations to improve cross-sector collaboration.

The Next Wave of Health Innovation: Powered by Partnerships

Partnering with Patient Advocacy Groups

What is a Patient Advocacy Group (PAG)?

Patient advocacy groups are non-profit organisations whose mission is to improve the lives of people with a specific disease or medical condition.

Lilly’s Commitment to PAGs

Lilly is passionate about fostering strong, genuine relationships with patient organisations. We are committed to working in partnership to better understand the experiences of patients and their loved ones, and support projects to improve their treatment and care.

To learn more about Payments to Patient Advocacy Groups and Payments to Healthcare Organisations, please view our Transparency Reports.


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