to Healthcare Professionals

Across Europe the pharmaceutical industry has committed to disclose the payments that it makes to healthcare professionals (HCPs) and organisations (HCOs) through adoption of the European Pharmaceutical Industry’s HCP/HCO Disclosure Code.

The very best clinical practice requires input and expertise from many groups: clinicians; patient organisations; academics; healthcare organisations; and those that discover and manufacture new medicines and medical technology. Collaboration between all of these important experts results in three main benefits:

1.      Making new medicines possible in the first place
2.      Providing vital health education to ensure that medicines are used appropriately  
3.      Capturing real life insights into current treatments and understanding unmet medical needs.  

It's important that these relationships are managed transparently to help demonstrate that the over-riding objective is to keep patients at the centre of our collective efforts. At Lilly, we value our relationship with HCPs and HCOs and fully support the European Federation of Pharmaceutical Industries and Association’s (EFPIA’s) commitment to publishing the details of payments and transfers of value made to them. This information is published on an individual basis (since 2016) and is updated annually.

Payments to Healthcare Professionals in the UK

Payments to HCPs in the UK are regulated by the Association of the British Pharmaceutical Industry (ABPI) . From 2016, payments have been published on a central website, and updated annually, at 

Lilly does not sponsor healthcare professionals or otherwise provide educational funding for the purpose of rewarding or incentivising past, current or future prescribing practices. To view our sponsorship policy, please click here.

About the EFPIA Disclosure Code

The EFPIA Disclosure Code (approved in June 2013) requires all EFPIA member companies to disclose: fee-for-service and consultancy payments as well as reimbursed expenses for other activities such as serving on an advisory board; coverage of costs for HCPs' participation in medical education events including registration fees, necessary travel and accommodation; research and development transfers of value; and grants and donations made to HCOs. 

Data privacy requires companies to acquire consent from the HCP for the individual disclosure of his/her name with associated transfers of value. If the HCP does not grant his/her consent for the individual disclosure, Lilly will report the associated payments and transfers of value in aggregate, under an unnamed category.

Please consult EFPIA’s website for additional information on the Disclosure Code. 

You may direct any questions specific to Lilly’s implementation of the Disclosure Code to