Community Responsibility

The reach of our responsibility programmes is global. Yet right at the heart of Lilly is a commitment to invest in the local communities in which we operate. Across the UK, our employees are encouraged to take part in a wide range of programmes that help us meet this commitment.

Community Engagement
Lilly first moved to Basingstoke in 1934. Since that time we have been active members of the local community and our schools outreach programme is a large part of this. Recent examples include Lilly volunteers attending a special educational needs school to help children complete their GCSE exams, and our annual 'enterprise day' at a local secondary school, which helps educate pupils on business issues such as marketing and communication skills.

As well as local impact, Lilly recognises that as a global organisation we can use the skills of our workforce to address issues on a bigger scale. Our global volunteering projects include:

  • The Global Day of Service – a project that involves employees from across the world working together with their respective communities on volunteer projects.Read more here.
  • Connecting Hearts Abroad – a program that involves 200 Lilly employees travelling around the world each year – on company time and expense – to volunteer in areas of great need.   Read more here

Our Elanco site based in Speke, Liverpool, has an extensive community engagement programme which complements the animal health division’s commitment to end hunger for 100,000 families — or 600,000 individuals — globally by 2025 through a partnership with Heifer International.

Working with FareShare, an organisation committed to fighting hunger and preventing food waste, our Speke site aims to dedicate 3,500 hours of employee time and make a financial contribution. Employees volunteer at the local Speke FareShare depot every fortnight and partner with the YMCA’s Homeless Hostels Food Alliance, which uses urban green spaces and local volunteers to develop a local food network to feed the hungry across the city.