Elanco is a global animal health company; but ultimately, people benefit from Elanco’s work. That’s reflected in the vision shared by Elanco’s more than 2,500 employees: "food and companionship enriching life."

Elanco fulfills this vision through three primary pursuits:

  • Helping deliver a safe, more affordable, more abundant food supply by improving the health and performance of animals
  • Helping pets live longer, healthier, higher-quality lives
  • Improving food safety

What makes us unique?
For more than half a century, Elanco has helped shape the animal health industry around the world. We introduced our first antibiotic for veterinary use only in 1953. Since then, Elanco has brought more than 35 agricultural and animal health products to the global marketplace, including food industry products such as antibacterials, parasiticides, anticoccidials, and productivity enhancers, as well as pet medicines and food safety solutions.

Whether for livestock or pets, Elanco is committed to research, development and implementation of products that benefit animals, consumers and the environment. We partner with the most innovative companies worldwide to develop products that increase food production, enhance food safety, and help companion animals live longer, happier, healthier lives.

Elanco UK
At Elanco UK, we work with our customers to provide innovative and trusted solutions in two main areas – farm animals (ruminant, swine and poultry markets), and companion animal and equine vets.

We are proud to partner with an award-winning national charity, FareShare, who help fight hunger and prevent food waste in the UK. Fareshare provides 10 million meals a year to 1,000 charities, and Elanco has pledged 3,500 hours of support from employees across UK and Ireland to assist with community projects, distributing food and providing support at depots. This compliments the work we do to increase animal productivity and help farmers deliver a safe, affordable food supply.

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